Conflict Analysis and Forced Migration Monitoring. By Lunga Dweba and Gloria Wanjiru. Read more

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Welcome to our Peace & Conflict Think Tank.

The Conflict and Forced Migration Research Institute (CFMri) works toward the reduction of violent conflicts and forced migration by fostering early warnings and peace education. 

Our theme for 2023 "A Holistic Approach" highlights the fact that refugee-receiving communities face persistent challenges. A balance must be struck in focusing on issues that affect more than just migrants.

Our approach

The following thematic areas run through the body of our work: 

Latest Publications

ANALYSIS: Migrant Producing Countries Must Take Responsibility 

African governments should take responsibility for providing services within their borders rather than making excessive demands and relying too heavily on foreign intervention. Read more...

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Prince Harry and War Crimes

By Andries Moekoa
Subedited by Lunga Dweba 2022/01/08

There are many factors or considerations that must be taken into account before a conclusion can be reached that Prince Harry has committed war crimes in Afghanistan. It is obviously much more complex than one might think... Read more

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"Guerrillas and Combative Mothers: Women and the Armed Struggle in SA"

Book Review by Maj. (Adv.) Andries Moekoa

To keep the spirit of this book alive and to continue to inspire women to take leadership roles in the armed forces, I strongly encourage everyone to get a copy... Read more

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Discourse on the Responsibility
to Protect - I

By Lunga Dweba

Because armed conflict is, in essence, a symptom of structural problems, the focus should never be on how to end violence and terrorism, but rather on how to prevent them in order to fulfil the responsibility to protect... Read more

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The Transformative Approach to Asymmetrical Relationships

By Lunga Dweba

Without a bold transformative approach to dealing with the underlying causes of violence and human displacement, the SADC region will not completely address its major challenges of unemployment, poverty, and inequality... Read more

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Combating Violence
between Immigrants
and Locals

By Gloria Wanjiru and Lunga Dweba

The ability to monitor and analyse conflicts and forced migration enables the provision of early warning and recommendations on policy alignments. This effort focuses on conflict prevention, rather than conflict resolution... Read more

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Enhance the implementation of SA’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security

By Olebogeng Mongale, edited by Lunga Dweba - 2022/10/22

South Africa needs to address the challenges that women are faced with. The failure to provide security to women and children within its borders will make it a domestic loser, while it acts as a global champion in the WPS... Read more

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